frequently asked questions

1. How do we handle short-term rental guest damages?

We are great, but we are not responsible for damages made by short-term rental guests or the state of apartment when guests leave. We make sure to alert you to situation asap during the cleaning, with pictures. 


2. Do you allow pets around during the cleaning process?

We love pets. They make life full happiness and fur. There is nothing more lovely then a cat rub their rubbing themselves aginst your leg or a dog leaping into your arms. It is the purest kind of love. But while we are cleaning, our team needs to focus. No funny business! So pets must be outside or in a kennel during the cleaning.


4.What are your typical hours?

We are early risers and night owls. But our typical hours are 9am-5pm. The cleanings must start at 9am or end by 5pm. 

***Exceptions to this are commercial cleanings.

*** There are surcharges for late night or early morning requests. 


5. Do you offer in-home consultations?

Yes, we offer virtual consultation. You can book it here. The cost of the virtual consultation is discounted from your first cleaning.


6. Will I get the same cleaner each?

You will receive the same cleaner for at least the first 2 cleanings. Afterwards another cleaner on our staff will be trained on the needs of your property as back up.   

***This feature is reserved for clients who need 4+ cleanings per month.


7. Do you offer move in/out cleanings?

Yes, we also offer a walk through at the end of the cleaning with you, your landlord and/or property manager. 

****In order to take advantage of this offer please make sure to schedule the cleaning when the landlord is able to a walk through. If they do not show up, we are not responsible. 

****Pricing does not include garbage removal, and disposal or furniture breakdown. 


8. How do I book and pay for your services? 

There are two ways. 

1. You can book and schedule online for every cleaning one at time here

9. Do you offer Airbnb Management services?

No, only cleaning services.

10. What happens if the cleaners can not get inside?

Our cleaners work hard and love to prep your property for you or your guests. Standing outside in the cold, rain or heat waiting for guests to return with keys or owners to come home is inhumane. As a result, we have a $50 lockout if the cleaners are not able to get inside within 30 minutes after contacting you. Please make sure you have back up keys as an alternative if you yourself can not provide us with access. 


11. Do you provide linen for short-term rentals?

No, we use the linen that is provide within the unit. We recommend that you have 3 sets of linen per bed and 2 towels per person. 


12. Does the price include paying for laundry?

No, we suggest setting up an account with a local laundromat that provides pick up and drop off services. Please have a credit/debit card on file with this laundromat. Depending on where you are located we can recommend a few options. 

13. Do provide cleaning supplies?

For residential properties, we have found the best solution is for the owner is to provide their preferred solutions and tools so that we stay within the guidelines of their expectations. 

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