6 Red Flags Before Booking Airbnb Guests

1. A red flag that not many people may consider is location. If the guest is from the same town as your listing, you have to double check for their intentions as typically people that live nearby have a place to stay. Why do they want to rent the Airbnb? Guests should be able to explain this.

2. If your listing can fit 6 people and the request is only for 1 person, that’s a red flag and you should find out more about this person. It is very unlikely only 1 person would spend a night by themselves in such a large listing.

3. How do they introduce themselves to you when booking your listing? Is their initial message vague and brief, “thank you for letting us stay,” or not even send a message? These are red flags because they are treating the experience like a hotel, and as such, are missing the point of personal interaction between host and guest.

4. No reviews or completed bio. If they have no reviews and are new to the Airbnb platform, this is a moment where you have to make your best judgment. Make sure they are answering all your questions.

5. Requests for your address or personal information. It is good to believe in people’s good intentions but do not be that sucker that is born everyday.

6. Persistence when told no. If early check-in or late check out is not possible yet the guests consistently asks for it, that means that they are not interested in following house rules or respecting your boundaries.

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