Renting an Airbnb for a Group

When traveling with your family or group of friends, renting a house is more convenient than staying at a hotel. But choosing the right vacation rental can be a hassle and a ton of pressure for the person responsible for choosing where the group will be staying. Here are 4 tips to follow and make the process simple.

1.Location, Location, Location

Exploring the city or town should be relatively convenient for you. If you have a car, ask about parking or look for a place that has a driveway. If you are in a metropolitan area choose a place near mass transportation. But keep in mind, vacation rentals closer to tourist destinations are higher priced, as they should be. Find a place that is balanced between distance to main attractions and pricing..

2. Be Clear About Amenities

Did you know that a washer/dryer, WIFI, a bathtub or a coffee maker are not guaranteed amenities? Inquire with the property manager or landlord if the listing description is unclear BEFORE booking. You can also search for listings based on these amenities.

3. Bed size (King, Queen and Twin)

If you plan to share a bed with your guests, do it comfortably. First, make sure your other guests are aware of this arrangement. Secondly, inquire with the host about the size of the bed. Do not rely on pictures to tell you the size. Pictures can be unintentionally deceptive. Lastly, please know that twin beds are best for a single person of average height. Don't try to cram multiple people into the bed to save money or else everyone will be miserable.

4. Early Check-in or Late Check-out

Flight schedules and check-in/out times sometimes don't line up. Be sure to let the host know BEFORE booking the space what your schedule is like and ask if they can accommodate you and your group. If not, do not pressure them. Either find another lhostor find a luggage storage company.


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