How Do I Avoid Bad Guests?

There are a ton of horror stories about letting bad Airbnb guests stay in your home. But this can be avoided when developing some screening tactics. Remember to be kind and polite. Make sure not to discriminate based on age, sex or race. This advice should be used for everyone looking to stay in your home. This a people business and if you want to be a great host, you must be fair and always use common sense.

  • Make sure the guest has a completed profile, picture and bio.

Read through their profile and check out their reviews. Airbnb makes space for guests (and hosts) to write about their school(s), where they live, and a short “about me” section. Having a complete profile goes for you as well- make sure you have created and completed your profile and bio. It will help when guests look at your listing and will aid in their determining whether to request a booking with you. If they do not have a completed profile, advise them to do so and send them instructions on how to do so.

  • Make it a conversation.

Your job is not to interrogate prospective guests as if they are suspects in a crime drama. Be friendly and don’t feel bad to ask questions, such as, “who else will be joining you?” if they list more than 1 guest. Or be direct when they request a place for only 1 guest and say, “do you plan to have anyone joining you?”

  • Ask direct questions

Through a conversation, you can learn about each and every additional guest besides the one booking. You should have an idea at the very least of their relationship to one another. Boyfriend? Wife? Friend? Family? If they are vague or unclear, do not feel bad to ask. Remind them that after all, “this is my home, and I just want to know who is a guest in my own home.”

Find out their purpose of traveling. Whether for a concert, work, family that lives nearby, there is usually a pre-planned agenda and knowing enough can help to put you at ease. Furthermore, you may be able to offer advice depending on their plans. If they are tourists planning to go to Times Square, you can offer information to help them during their stay.

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