Airbnb Cleaning and Inventory Management

Cleaning and Laundry

Cleanliness is the most important aspect of your property. It doesn’t matter how many snacks you provide. If the space is dusty or has a strange smell, this can turn off guests. Create a checklist for yourself or whoever is in charge of cleaning to make sure they do not forget areas that need special attention. For example, dusting the headboards or wiping behind the toilet seats.

When it comes to laundry, make sure your linen and towels are absent of any stains. If you prefer to provide white towels and sheets, please make sure to whiten them.

For a cleaning checklist, click here.

Inventory Management

Making sure you, your cleaner and your guests have all the supplies that they need, is crucial for a seamless process. The top inventory categories are toiletries, cleaning supplies and linen. Everything else outside of these areas is extra. In the toiletry section you must supply items such as toilet tissue, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. For cleaning supplies, Mrs Meyers is the most preferred. It is an organic cleaning supply line that also provides products such as hand soap, laundry detergent and body wash. Lastly, linen and towels are bound to take a beating after repeat wash and use. You don’t want to give guests bleach-stained linen and frayed towels.

You should have at least three sets of linen per bed in your listing. (Please use a duvet cover.) 4 hand towels per bathroom and 4 towels per person to serve.

Take stock of your inventory at least once a month and reorder any items you see missing. If you are on vacation/away while the guests are present, it is imperative that you restock beforehand. Replace your linen as needed.

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