Common Issues Airbnb Hosts Face

The news is filled with stories of unexpected parties and thousand of dollars’ worth of damages. This is possible when managing an Airbnb but they are anomalies to the everyday experience. Let’s take some time to look at the actual common issues that Airbnb hosts face on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Difficult-to-Please Guests

Pleasing your guests is a priority but every now and again, due to poor vetting, you will come across guests who have unreasonable expectations. They will message several times a day about superfluous items such as where the spoons are or where is the tv remote. Even if you make sure that everything is plain sight it is not enough for these particular guests. Another issue is that they expect a 5-star hotel experience for a motel price. They will expect cleaning service, state-of-the-art equipment and unlimited towels.

2. Excessive mess after a stay

On occasion you will encounter guests who will assume you have a cleaning staff prepping your listing. As a result they will use every towel and sheet they can find, and leave dishes/pots and pans in the sink. This will be a nightmare if you have same day check-ins and check-outs. With limited time in between you have to prep the listing so as not to delay the next set of guests from checking in.

3. Amenity malfunction

Another common issue is when simultaneous use of appliances can cause circuit breakers to blow. If you are not nearby, be prepared to explain to the guests how to reset the circuits. Another common amenity malfunction is weak internet. This is unacceptable for guests who rely on WiFi to use their phone or need it for business purposes. Test out the WiFi throughout the house to make sure there are no blind spots.

4. Early check-in/Late Check out

Guests have a tendency to request late check-out the day before checkout, which is inconvenient when you planned on cleaning and prepping for the next guests. Another difficult issue is when guests want to check-in several hours before check-in. These two issues sometimes happen on the same day leaving you confused as to who you should assist. The guest who is checking in or the guest who is checking out. Cozy Oasis has partnered with luggage storage companies that can assist our guests so that this dilemma is avoided every time.

5. Minor Damages

Yes, there are some minor damages that can happen because of guests’ neglect. The most common are luggage leaving scratches on the floor, stained sheets/towels, broken cups and broken blinds. People can be rough with your home in a way you never would. Make sure to take pictures of damages and report it to the platform (i.e. Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.) you are using so that you can claim the security deposit. Keep in mind- there is a deadline to reporting claims!

If you find this to be helpful share it with your friends and if you have any questions visit our website for tips and tricks. Or schedule a free phone consultation by going to

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